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Welcome to the Legends of an Ancient City Wiki

Hello, all! This is a wiki used to show others what to expect in the game Legends of an Ancient City before it's release. Feel free to contribute, and if you discover you would like to help, go ahead and contact me here.

The Series

Legends of an Ancient City is a series that is being worked on currently. It is planned to contain tabletop games, video games, and books. It takes place before and after a mighty cataclysm known as Ragnarok, in which all the realms of space converge upon one middle realm. As time progresses, war becomes more of a part of nature. Weaponized constructs walk the earth, and great space arks drift through space, housing hundreds of civilians and creatures. Watch as the story progresses here, and though there may be plenty of changes, in the end it should be interesting to read about.

The Technicalities

At the start of time, there is only mystery. It seems as though there was the void, and then came the primordials, who helped shape it into the universe we know it as today. Then the blood of the primordials created Archons, who created inhabitants to live on the realms. Not everything went smoothly in the latter days, for the realms were wracked with war. Finally, the deceiver Nidhoggr and his servant Loki caused the downfall of the realms, or so it would seem. Legions of foreign races surged into the middle realm, turning it into a massive battlefield. As time went on war became common-place, and it was developed into an art. But will Ragnarok cause the downfall of the realms, or will there be a peace once again? Nobody knows, but they doubt things will turn back to the way it was.


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